Investments in alternative energy Become a co-owner of the growing business

«Global Engineering Baltia» LTD

Has developed a unique technology to produce high-efficiency electric motors and generators (the 'Units'). Compared with analogues in world market, energy saving is more than 50%.

We sell shares of our company capital to attract investment in the launch of series production units on our technology to lease them on already existing contracts.

Cost saving
Reduction of harmful emissions above
Reduction in using energy resources from
For investors willing to invest more than 3 000 GBP,
technology demonstration is available at Riga office.

What do we offer?

We offer to purchase a stake in our company. The funds raised will be used to launch mass production of industrial units based on our know-how technology.

The power units will be leased on existing contracts. Rents - your stable source of passive income (dividends).

As the company develops, share price is increasing. Due to this, by selling some of your shares long before production starts, you can return all investments and / or earn money. In both cases, leaving part of the shares for yourself.

According to «Global Engineering Baltia» LTD marketing research:
7.5 million Mw/hour
Only in EU TPP total capacity is more than 7.5 million MW/h.
365 days a Year
Power stations sell energy 365 days a year.
150 billion EUR
Investment capacity of our technology only in European market is over 150 billion EUR.
60 billion EUR/month
Income potential in European market is more than 60 billion in a months.

Cooperation stages

You can leave a request and we will contact you shortly
We prepare a payment document – Invoice
You make payment
You receive contract + certificate and become a co-owner of the company
Your shares value is growing and generate income

Expert in the field of alternative energy

10 major occupations of the new decade

Sources of investors income

Shares price growth
Accrual of dividends
Affiliated companies

Which shares package suits you best?

Basic payment
300 GBP
Shares package
1 500 pcs
Nominal value
1 500 GBP
45 GBP/month
Equipment rent discount
Licence for opening a branch for a partnership company
1 000 GBP
Shares package
5 000 pcs
Nominal value
5 000 GBP
150 GBP/month
Equipment rent discount
Licence for opening a branch for a partnership company
10 000 GBP
Shares package
50 000 pcs
Nominal value
50 000 GBP
1 500 GBP/month
Equipment rent discount
Licence for opening a branch for a partnership company
50 000 GBP
Shares package
166 666 pcs
Nominal value
166 666 GBP
5 000 GBP/month
Equipment rent discount
Licence for opening a branch for a partnership company

The company's goal - mass production and
its own Research Institute

The profitability of the rental per month
at non-serial production
The profitability of the rental per month
at serial production

We have already entered our units into a lease agreement with companies:

SIA “Prizma” (object: Ice Palace VOLVO) и SIA “Stalla” (object: Sport club “SPORTIMA”)

Deal registration

The transfer of ownership of company capital shares is carried out under the contract and comes directly from the physical person (the founder of the company) for a particular investor, in accordance with international law.

The legitimacy of the transaction is legally justified and does not require any license, because the deal is similar to the usual sale / exchange of any personal property of the parties.

Reviews from shareholders

Arvid has invested 3 times in the 2 nd stage: 500 EUR, EUR 2000 in credit and 1,000 EUR.

- "I invested since I work as an electrician and got higher technical education. I saw in the equipment perspective, I realized that it is possible to invest and to earn income!"


I saw that the technology is more economical for 400 - 500% than the conventional technology. This will greatly affect the economy. I saw the equipment and it convinced me. I saw everything with my own eyes.

Cesar Teruel

He arrived to Riga from London to see a presentation of how the technology works. Saw indicators measuring devices, it saves at times! The technology really exist and it works!

Czeslaw Stepuro

Why do investors choose us?

  • Direct investment in the largest sector of the global economy - the energy sector. The global turnover of EUR 3 trillion.
  • The company is registered in England, where the level of protection of private capital is one of the highest in the world.
  • Development of the company is not tied to any country, so do not depend on one economy.
  • Shares currency - British pounds. One of the most stable currencies in the world.
  • Shares inherited.
  • The company develops the national investment technologies.
  • The objectives of the project - the legislative implementation of new technologies.
  • We will be able to influence the prices of utility bills in different regions.
  • Our technology will reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere by 95%, which is healthier planet's ecology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the company did not take out a bank loan?

Banks require collateral, but company is in the early stages of business development. At this moment company is strongly underestimated, so you can buy shares of the company at 10 times cheaper than their nominal value.

Can I buy a unit and why we do not sell power units?

Company is not planning to sell produced equipment. Chosen strategy is to lease it. Why? Unlike the sale of products, as is the usual companies in the world, we get income more than once by selling the boiler to the client on a monthly basis for years. So, investing in engine production 100% of the money we get income from 5 to 40% per month, most of which will be the investors dividends of the 1st stage.

Why do we not attracting large investor?

Large investors investing in the initial stage of the business and usually want to get a controlling stake in it, what means for us: To give decision-making responsibility to someone who can simply resell the company for the best price. Many investors thinking like that. We are not going to sell a controlling stake, as intention is to develop the company and bring it to the leading position in the global energy market. By investing now, you are buying for a song shares of the business, which will take a strong position on the world energy market very soon.

What kind of protection against theft of technology?

Our equipment has 4 degrees of protection:
1) Legal: under the agreement, the tenant has no right to open or damage the casing and bears responsibility for this material. For tenants simply is not profitable to 'open' hardware to see how it works.
2) Physical: When opening the electronics housing all know-how will be destroyed and the engine comes into disrepair, the signal will arrive at the remote monitoring of tenants and technicians will come as soon as possible to determine the cause. According to the agreement, in the event of alarm signal. Our experts have the right to enter the premises, where our equipment is installed at any time.
3) Geographic: The installed GPS sensor shows the location of our products online.
4) Video monitoring: We can see our tenant’s premises online.

What is the total investment for all 10 stages?

On each next stage of attracting investments, the amount is growing unevenly, with the growth of guarantees, because every next stage at the expense of invested money, the company will produce and install new electro motors for the tenants, which will generate income. Demonstrating the business model of high-yield to large investors and investment funds, the company easily attract the total amount required for the mass production of our power equipment in the total amount of 100 000 000 GBP.

Due to what cost savings up to 50%?

The company owns three KNOW-HOW, which together bring cost savings up to 50%:
1) Hydrogen exhaust gas afterburner. The combustion of fossil fuels: device reduces emissions, increases the life and capacity of the equipment, reducing fuel consumption.
2) Pulsed electromagnetic motor-generator with reverse polarity power flux (technology used in the production of electric motors and generators). Compared to conventional technology saves up to 80%.
3) Resonant transgenerator. This device, consuming electricity from the network converts the energy, producing more power output from 200% to 1000% (power on output depends on the load type).

When we will set first power unit to our tenants?

After the 2nd stage of investment, the first engine will be manufactured and installed at the tenant within 6 months. How engine works, will be possible to see pre-registering on our website and you can personally interact with the tenant and see the financial statements in order to ensure a high yield from the engine lease. This revenue gives companies higher profits.

Why such a market entry strategy?

1) Commercial profit to keep the secret of KNOW-HOW and on its basis to build an international business, whose value on the world market will be valued in the hundreds of billions euros.
2) Oil monopoly lobbying for the technical development of heating domestic consumer devices. We do not want to affect their interests, that’s why we are developing in parallel.

What documents will I receive when I become an investor?

You get signed by the director of the company:
1) Contract, which specifies all of the details and the details of the transaction are described on our website, including the rate of return of 30% per month of the amount invested by you and the ability to recoup the investments already in the 2nd stage.
2) And a certificate indicating: Your personal data, the number of shares and their number in the commercial register of England.

Why such a huge discount?

This discount will be granted only to investors who support our project on the 2nd stage, during the further development, the sale of shares will be accompanied by the growth of prices for the share, because with each new investor, we are approaching our tasks: The mass introduction of our technology in the global network of Heat and Power Stations.


Saint Petersburg
2-nd stage is over. The process of re-sale of shares of the first stage has started. ?